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Camp FUNdamentals 2024 in the Twin Cities

We're SO excited for our summer camp programs in Lakeville, Maple Lake, and Maple Grove, Minnesota!

Camp FUNdamentals is a therapeutic camp led by a registered pediatric occupational therapist that focuses on skill building in nature for kids of ALL abilities.


We welcome kids ages 4-18 to our programs that are looking to meet new friends and practice skills in a supportive environment using the backdrop of nature.

Camp activities include developmentally appropriate nature-based activities targeted at fine motor, gross motor, social, and self-regulation skill development in a supportive environment provided by a licensed occupational therapist.

Our camps are inclusive for ALL kids wanting to meet new friends and explore nature, but are geared towards providing a fun and functional atmosphere for kids with special needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, ADHD, sensory processing differences, motor skill delays, emotional regulation challenges, and other developmental delays.

Camp is structured but also provides plenty of opportunities for child-led and open-ended group play in nature.


The camp week includes the following activities:

-Fine motor activities

-Sensory-motor activities

-Social engagement/group problem solving

-Self-Regulation and coping skills practice

-Snack preparation

-Nature exploration and FUN!

Camp is limited to 10 campers to provide a supportive experience.

Note: Our camps generally provide a ratio 1:3 adult support. If your child requires 1:1 support for participation and/or safety, we ask that you send a parent or PCA with to provide individual support for that camper.


* Note: Our camps are not a substitute for direct skilled occupational therapy services but are a great complement to support generalization of skills in a new environment with peers.

Our services are cash-based. If you have waiver, insurance, or grant funding you'd like to allocate for camp, we can provide an invoice and work with your case manager or other support worker to submit for reimbursement.

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