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Our Story

After hearing many negative experiences from families on how their child "just didn't fit in" with other group programs, I decided to create my own supportive environment for children of all abilities to enjoy nature through my OT lense.


FUNdamentals in Nature OT Services was created to provide a supportive space for children of all abilities in the twin cities, Minnesota. We serve children and youth with varying abilities, 

We offer year-round individual OT evaluation, nature-based OT sessions and group nature-based occupational therapy services to children in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding metro suburbs. Our groups are offered at pop-up locations around the twin cities metro area (nature centers, natural play areas, farms) that provide the perfect backdrop to address fundamental skills including social engagement, emotional regulation, motor, and sensory processing! ​

Our programs are held in rain, shine, warm or cold. Our therapeutic programs are ever changing to meet the needs of our children and youth, if you have an idea for a potential camp location, please reach out!

About Alycia

I am a pediatric occupational therapist with over 10 years of experience working with children and youth with special needs. I've worked in a variety of settings including: residential treatment, hospital, outpatient therapy and schools.


I graduated with my undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and my masters in OT from St. Catherine University. 


I have had a longtime passion for the outdoors, and finally decided to bring my professional OT work outside! I am SO passionate about helping children reach their fullest potential with the support of nature as the backdrop! 

I live in Maple Grove, MN with my husband, newborn son Jackson, our chocolate lab and two kitties! We love spending time outdoors in all seasons together.


Why OT in nature?

There is a growing body of evidence that is showing the positive association between nature exposure for kids and protective benefits for mental health and physical health.


Therapeutically, the great outdoors is an environment that you just can't replicate indoors, or in a clinic!  It provides the perfect place that allows kids to meet the "just right challenge" in therapy,  have access to multi sensory inputs (auditory, touch, movement) which improves the brain's ability to organize and process sensory information.

Nature is a place where kids can engage and master in a skill they have not yet conquered more quickly, due to increased interest and motivation, which leads to move motivation to participate in higher level skills!

 There are always unplanned challenges that occur in nature that help promote problem solving, etc.


Using materials from our natural world are FREE and abundant, providing endless opportunities for learning, and creativity!

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