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Welcome to FUNdamentals in Nature

Nature-based Occupational Therapy Services for Kids

We are grounded with the belief that ALL KIDS can enjoy the outdoors while practicing <FUN>damental skills that make a positive impact on their daily activities and overall quality of life.

We offer occupational therapy evaluation, individual summer nature-based OT sessions and therapeutic summer camps for kids ages 4-18 in the Minnesota twin cities metro.

How can summer OT help your child?

Motor Skills

  • Fine motor skills (hand strength, coordination, dexterity)
  • Handwriting development
  • Gross Motor Skills (balance, core strength, upper body coordination)

Self-Care/Life Skills

  • Dressing

  • Bathing

  • Brushing teeth

  • Self-Feeding

  • Picky eating

  • Organizational skills

  • Following directions

Self-Regulation and Social Skills

  • Identifying emotions

  • Using positive coping tools

  • Developing peer relationships

  • Sensory processing skills

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